Saturday, January 10, 2009

Some of her insides...

Many have asked to see the inside of Luna. I do not want to dissapoint, so here you go. These photos were lifted from Rob Bakers blog. Yes, he is the one that sold her to me. Yes, I have thanked him profusely and will probably do so for the rest of my life. Rob has been a great friend to me and knew how much I wanted her from the day he said he was buying her. I actually said I would go recover her in Florida, but he went with his family instead and they all went to Magic Kingdom while down there.

Here you look to the rear. I know this is very disorienting for many. Usually in an Airstream, one is looking toward the bathroom in this shot. This is where two twin beds are supposed to be. A night table should be centered on that window. All that mess will be coming out. Who am I kidding? You see that floor? It all comes out.

Love that stove. I can almost smell the peach pie baking in the oven. What a great view as I cook bacon in the morning.

Just a head and sink. This trailer was made for me for sure, I have often said that a shower is a novalty. I would not put one in my own trailer in the future. So here you go, just what Frankie was looking for.

Small but efficent kitchen.


  1. She's a beauty, Frank. Should keep you busy for a week or two ! Interesting layout, as you say. I emailed you some scans from my 54 brochure (after you asked on my Fiftythree Flying Cloud blog) but couldn't find the link to where I got them from. Just had an email from Tim (the old Ambassadorial Safari Tim) & he sent me the link to the brochures on the VAC:

    So you may find your plans there.

    Best of luck


  2. She's a beauty (or will be) Frank; should keep you busy for a week or two. I emailed you some scans I had from a 54 brochure as I couldn't find the link. Since then the old Ambassador-on-Safari, Tim, has suggested I look at the scanned brochures on the VAC:

    So you may find what you're looking for there.
    Best fromacross the pond. Chris

  3. Hey there Frank. 64TrotterATL here. Just wanted to admire your new blog and let you know I too am lookin for another trailer to drool over. If you have any out there that you know of, let me know. I am looking for a real fixer upper that is in need of a new home. Older than 1964 and single axle would be nice. I have been at it, just not blogging about my project. all wired and interior skins are in, AC works and original fan works, door back on and new running lights. Talk soon, Andrew

  4. Nice indeed. Rob has been very gracious to you. Can't wait to see you progress on this one.

  5. Really WAY cool. I know it was tough for Rob to give up a 13 panel, but he couldn't have sold it to a better person. You'll treat her right.

  6. How's it going Frank? Your fans are eagerly awaiting an update on your new biz. I know it is cold, but I also know you have aluminitis.