Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New client up to bat.

A new trailer and new client has rolled into the work zone next to the shop. I am looking very forward to the job this Tradewind needs.

Her name is Lu Lu and many of you know her as Linda and Reagie's 1961 tradewind. Lu Lu is a avery well traveled trailer. Her owners attend just about every Washington DC Unit rally and many regional events not related to the WBCCI.
Coming back from a rally Lu Lu had a little blow out that resulted in damage to the skin. This is actually not the first time this has happened.

The belly skin behind the wheel wheel has been replaced in the past because of a previous blow out. We have come up with a very creative way to patch all this damage to the skin. The wheel well will never look original with out replacing the entire side, but the route we are going to take to fix it will look very nice and create a visual detail. Wish I could explain more, but you will see all this soon enough.
Some rotten floor and front end separation was repaired by a very well know shop. They some how forgot to measure there self drilling screws. I wonder if they actually used elevator bolts to secure the floor properly. No worries, the main goal is to make the belly skins all new again. I can fix that issue easily.
From what I see they used nothing but screws to hold the new floor down. I keep forgetting that doing it correctly takes more time and is generally harder to do well.
Looks like we have a leak to deal with too. They were supposed to have used their fancy machine to find the leak. Bet I can find it by just "being the water" by "feeling the leak"

So far I am encouraged by what I see. Linda was told she has frame issues. Frame issues are what has brought her in. I have only found very minor issues. Unfortunately I have not looked at her rear yet. Stay tuned for that soon.

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