Monday, November 23, 2009

Updates for all.

So this past week I got busy removing the belly from Lu Lu. There was a wide variety of rivets to drill out. Make sure you wear goggles if you do this. I mean fully enclosed goggles not just just safety glasses. One shaving in the eye can set you back significantly. Just saying, it might happen, It has happened to someone out there.
I am dropping all the belly from back to front. My client wants to make sure the frame is all in good shape. The last place that worked on this trailer claimed there were issues. The belly pan has seen better times, there are lots of dents and a few "saw throughs" by the out riggers. I am going to make it all look new again.
I found the back cross member with the usual rust throughs. Not too serious. I will weld new metal in there and make it good as new. All in all, no huge surprises so far...
...except for maybe this rather large bees nest. Thank God it was not active. They would have gotten me big trying to crawl out from under the trailer.
Another repair Lu Lu is getting is a valve conversion. I will be putting a conversion plate on the tank and we will be all up to date with a new Valtura gate valve. I just need to get that last screw out with out snapping it off. It is being very stubborn. Daily doses of PB Blaster will eventually win out and have it spinning loose.

The Wally Bubble also know as the X251 went away this week also. I am not going to get into too many details. This trailer will require significant resources to make whole again. Hopefully, someday she is going to be restored when the resources are found. This trailer has been passed around many times. Hopefully, soon she will get the attention she deserves. To make the drop off easy, I towed the X251 onto the transporters truck. Being connected to my truck seemed more secure than just connected to the flat bed. The drive to the port is not too long and I did not want any harm to come to such a unique trailer.

This was a project I was very excited to work on. A shame, but you cannot have it all.


  1. Goodbye X251. Glad I had the opportunity to visit you in person and to learn just a bit of the stories you could share. I sincerely hope you enjoy being across the pond and you get the loving attention and care you deserve. Live long, my friend.

  2. Sorry to see her leave your capable hands, Frank. Life does throw a curved ball from time to time but lets hope she can become a shining (or maybe not too shiny, to preserve Wally & Stella's itinerary) example of sensitive, British restoration.

    I'm sure she enjoyed her stay with you. But looking on the plus side, she was built to travel & it'll be great to be able to see her in person over this side of the pond.