Saturday, December 19, 2009

At FTW we have a vintage tow vehicle

Everyone loves a vintage tow vehicle towing a vintage trailer. At Frank's Trailer Works we have a truly classic vehicle that shuttles the trailer around the yard. That is Michael. He owns the property where I store my trailers. He also loves an excuse to pull his 1954 ford tractor from the barn.
Michael was my room mate in the late 1980's and we have been very good friends ever since. It is at Michael's property that I store all the trailers waiting to be worked on or stopping through before they go else where. This Bambi II is going to the Port early next week and with snow coming we thought it best to bring it up close to the road.
In less than 24 hours this same spot has a foot of snow on it. They are saying it is just starting to fall. By tomorrow there will be over 24" on the ground.

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  1. Love the vintage tractor Frank. 8-N I believe. I spent a number hours on one very similar. Good times and plenty of time to think when driving a tractor.