Friday, December 18, 2009

Make my venture your big venture...n

Many people have dreamed of starting a new business. I have the perfect start up business opportunity for some one out there. Have you ever dreamed of selling funnel cakes at the Texas State Fair? How about BBQ along the highway in North Carolina? Hippy jewelry and hemp clothes at the Rio Grand Gorge Bridge in New Mexico? Or maybe fine biscotti and espresso on some busy Manhattan street corner. All that is missing from the plan is the vending van. Well, I have it and it is free to whoever follows through on having it built out to a final product. This is one of three trailers we are currently giving away with a restoration.
She is a 1959 Tradewind. She has a clean title but is far from clean at this point. At 24 feet long she is the smoothest towing trailer I have ever taken down the road. What makes this trailer unique is her history. At one point a church used her to be a mobile kitchen. I heard rumor it was taken through West Virginia to feed the hungry in the little towns. Fill there stomachs with some food and their hearts with some God.

The job was actually done fairly well. It is crude and needs some refining but the service window functions very well. I can just see a nice plate of tacos pastor or a gyro being served though it. Fireworks might be a good seller too.
She is terribly filthy right now, in sever need of a bath. Her skin is fairly smooth though it does not look that way in these photos.
All the windows need to be rebuilt. The front one is missing a frame. All the seals and gaskets are shot.
No two piece plexi needed for that back window.
This could be the place you buy your cigars at the jazz festival. Po boy sandwiches at the zydeco festival. Glow sticks and strobe lights at the Phish show.
And when you have raked in your pile of cash, you can close up and tow to the next one.
Some of the interior is still there. Not sure what the business will be so it is still all up in the air. It will all need to come out to replace the floor. I feel it all needs to be replaced.
Very nice white Princess stove. An easy restore on it for sure. Unless the new business does not need it. Then it will go into another trailer.
This is the original zolatone. Not all zolatone need to be recreated in my opinion.

Please do not contact me as to how much the trailer costs. It is not for sale. If you want this trailer contact me to see how we can make it fit your business. We will build it out from there.


  1. I was hoping to see pictures of this '59 TradeWind. She has so much potential, I hope some one is able to keep her serving folks in a new venture. What size of window frame does that front window call for? I may have a line on one for you.

  2. That pop-up service window really does look pretty good. Someone took his time with it, but I have no doubt that FTW can make it better.

    Can't wait to see the renovation on this one-- I sure hope the FTW blog will chronicle it in full detail.