Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Mundane Is Exciting To Some

I am hitting her hard this week and taking no prisoners. I am showing no mercy either. Well, actually that is a lie, I am showing a great deal of mercy and a tremendous amount of compassion.

However, the most exciting things usually require a good deal of the mundane first. Many projects begin with the drilling of a few rivets. That usually follows a few more, which eventually leads to few hundred more.

Rosie does not have the best skin. She has had a fairly hard life as you have ascertain by reading. Unmentioned people have mistreated her in the past and it is time for me to set that right. A few panel replacements were on the ticket to fix some of this abuse she has endured. There are thousands of rock dents in this curb side lower panel not to mention a serious dent that does not really show up too well in this photo.

There is also this rather nasty dent. Rosie deserves better and she is going to get a serious transformation by drilling a few hundred rivets.

Both the curb side and road side lower segments were drilled off.

One of my neighbors stopped by and was absolutely shocked at the work being done here. He has become a serious wanna bee.

It is quite a site seeing her sitting there with those two big holes in her.

There is nothing left to do, but put a new panel in. This is just a dry fit. More to come...


  1. New way to ventilate the summer heat with her gaping holes.

    Looks like clekos dot to dot. I assume the panel will be secured with buck rivets and not Olympic rivets? (just demonstrating I know the difference in rivets)

  2. Lovely work as usual Frank.

    The devil is always in the detail and yours are looking good.