Monday, March 23, 2015

But, But, But It's Free!?!?

Today I driving down the road, sort of minding my own business, on my way to pick up some supplies and I see the word "FREE" on the side of an old trailer. And it was an aluminum trailer to boot. I locked up the tires in astonishment. 

After doing a semi illegal U-turn I pull up beside it to see the golden words to any free trailer; "have title". Free, title, vintage aluminum...

Then I begin to see why it is free. Someone had a blow out.

They lost control and the tongue broke. It was in it's side at some point.

But it was aluminum. 

And free...

With very little to offer.

The thing that had me not take it? Someone has been using the toilet. Unfortunately a few years back it looks as though someone removed the entire bathroom. This minor detail has not stopped them. 

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