Friday, March 27, 2015

Celebrity Visit

We were anticipating a visit from celebrities. I had Wayne clean the bathroom extra special knowing three of them were women. Just incase, I wanted everything comfortable at FTW for their visit. They came a day early however. They kind of caught me running out the door. 

Brian and Lynnetta came by with their vivacious kids for a visit. I love kids that will look you in the eye and talk to you, kids that are engaging.  It gives me hope for America's future. 
I have been following their blog since they started. I deeply admired how they have been able to combine work, travel, and raising kids into an Airstream lifestyle. 

They have a super sweet 1959 Overlander. It is classic Airstream, classic American icon. The fact it looks so original appeals to a guy like me. The way they use it should inspire you also. I highly encourage you to read their blog

It was an honor that in their itinerary of seeing the Baltimore/ Washington region they made their first stop FTW.

I was trying to get a good candid photo of the whole family together.

Every time I pushed shutter, someone was hiding. Sarah hid the best. 

I wish the Sanders Godspeed. 

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