Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mike's Equipment Recycling

In my continuing series about the vendors I use...

Tucked behind, and to the side at 603 Dundalk Avenue is Mike's Equipment Recycler. Mike and two lovely ladies work out of this location selling industrial surplus of all sorts. I found Mike's through Ebay. 

I was looking for a corner notcher and Mike's Equipment Recyclers had one listed. One thing led to a another, serendipity, fait, call it what you want, Mike's is 5 minutes from my shop. So what is a corner notcher? A corner notcher does just that; it cuts up to a 6x6 notch in metal up to 14 gauge mild steel. Aluminum should be no problem up to an 1/4" thick. When that lever is pulled the knife shears the material.

I plan to use it to cut miters on gasket material. It was put to use today doing that very task. This tool retails for about $950 new without the stand. Mike sold it to me for $550. I also bought a 60 gallon flammable liquids storage cabinet for $250.  That is the super big size cabinet. Brand new, they retail for $1200. I am now not only a very happy camper, I am a safe camper too.

Mike has some wild stuff. The inventory is all over the place, but industrial is the theme. I could not figure out what to do with this 55 gallon drum mixer.

Put a disk of polished glass on this valve and you have a super stylish coffee table.

Pallets of computer towers.

You need this. You know you do. There are a lot of different optical devices.

There was this very unusual item, The Empathy Belly. This is designed to let the man experience what the woman does carrying a child. Somehow I doubt it is remotely the same thing.

There are a lot of measuring devices. Mike had no idea what this did. I didn't know either. Do you know? I bet Tom knows. 

There are some cool signs. 

Put four of these under a polished edge glass top and you have got yourself a high fashion, steam punk decor, item. 

I am sure I will be visiting Mike's Equipment Recycling again very soon. 


  1. Well, I and another engineer, two machinists, and one chemist don't know what it is. The consensus is some sort of hardness meter. Odd, though, that with three adjustable feet, being level appears to be important.

    If you think about it, see what the units on the gauge are the next time you are there.


  2. Yes, the units would help. I'm guessing viscosity.