Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Vogue Worthy

I often get asked to be allowed to come work. I know the intention is good. Unfortunately, more often than not, I am slowed down managing the help. I usually decline the help. Chris has been an exception. 

Chris got cut loose stripping panels. He does not realize it at this juncture but he has his work cut out for him.

Typical of many vintage Airstreams, the interior had been brightened, rejuvenated, freshened many times. On top of the gorgeous original zolatone some ochre paint had been applied first. I am fairly sure this was of the lead paint era. On top of the ochre was a cream enamel. Also most likely of the lead paint era. 

And then there was this. This is firmly in the 'he thought it was the right thing' category. It is paint, with sand in it. Yes, sand. Added into the paint and on top of the paint. It is a paint system, I believe made under the Martha Stewart line.  

With this much square footage I had Chris roll the stripper out.

The sand was actually black. 

You have to let the stuff work for a while

One coat is never enough.

Three applications later you are done. 

"So, Chris. Is Airstream work glamorous?" "Well, yah!?! It's Vogue worthy"

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  1. Somehow I missed this blog entry. Hilarious! Glad this phase is over!!! :)