Friday, May 25, 2012

Not Eternal, But it is Still Going

Does this flame look familiar? It should, I lit it 72 hours ago and the 1961 Dometic 50A gas refrigerator is going STRONG! Ice is being made and it looks like the Klixon Tongue is doing it's job. I always get nervous with these old units. The burners are fairly temperamental and the parts are made of unobtainium. If the Klixon Tongue ( a very primitive sort of thermocouple) goes out or breaks, it is finished. On this fridge, the only actual moving part is the valve inside of the Klixon Tongue. When the Toaster came to us, we had no verification of the fridge actually working so seeing it work brings relief.

In my next post, I promise photos of a complete trailer. Well, mostly complete, the cushions and drapes are still to be made by her owners. Tomorrow we hand over the keys...


  1. Can't wait to see those photos!

  2. That fridge is an awesome unit--though someday we'll have to get it repainted (Frank has very tactfully not mentioned that someone attacked the paint finish with a scratchy scouring pad). Sorry about the epic floor, but we really appreciate the effort. See you later today!