Sunday, May 27, 2012

Go Out and Play With Your Friends

It is always bitter sweet to see one of our projects leave. We spend hundreds of hours working toward the day, but when it comes, I feel an incredible amount of sadness. Yesterday was Toasters day to go out and play again.

Even though she has been towable, she just wasn't up to the task of camping in any capacity other than as an aluminum tent.

Now she is fully functioning in all of her intended capacities. She is fully self contained as Wally Byam had intended her to be back in 1961. 

From what I understand, her first trip will be back to where she was born 51 years ago. Her stewards are taking her to Alumapoluza next week in Jackson Center Ohio.  The original factory is across the street from the present day factory. She rolled out of one of the three doors on the East end of the building if making a return to place of birth is important to you.

You might note Toaster sports her original patina. All the patches and repairs were done using salvaged aluminum so that they would blend right in. Usually my clients want a shiny trailer, but Toasters stewards wanted her to look original and untouched. I like this aesthetic and hope that many of my future jobs go this same way. My own trailer had an even deeper patina than Toaster. I thought polishing her was the way to go, but now wish I could have the patina back. I guess each situation is unique. 

Keep your eyes open for this cute little rear end going down the road near you.

Every attempt was made to keep the interior looking original. For those of you with 58- 62 International models, you will feel very much at home looking over these photos. There have been a few changes and modifications, but the look is pretty darn faithful to what it was like originally.

I think I posted a photo of the sink cabinet earlier, but here it is with the stove cover down and the counter top trim put back down. Note, both 110 and 12 volt lights working. This is a very cool feature in these International units. I also really love the towel paper holder (not original) that we recycled.

I bet a plate of bacon and eggs would taste tremendous sitting at that dinette. I know everything tastes better with bacon, but the location can really add to the experience...

Why did they stop using these metal cabinets? I love them and with the Zolatone on them, they really look part of the trailer instead of a fixture.

 Stand up shower anyone? The vintage valve was a serious challenge. I had to find the the right rubber washers, felt packing and nut packing for the valves. I have my fingers crossed they give years of service now. Most things are still available at the 1958- 62 Airstream RV Super Store(Lowes) but not always. Sometimes a visit to an old plumber who has dusty jars of stuff in his shop is needed too.

The Saniware toilet was also a challenge that beat me. Unfortunately we could not get it to hold water properly. It works if you use the wash down hose to flush with. Due to time constraints, we are making due. When Toaster comes back from her maiden voyage, we will be replacing the bowl with a new Thetfort Aquamagic.

This is my favorite window in the trailer. I love how it is framed by the cabinets. Originally the counter top was a fake, oak wood grain pattern. It looked very plastic. With the new counter top, not trying to visually compete with the real wood, it looks like it belongs.

The cushions and drapes are not present in any of these shots. They will be made this weekend by Toasters stewards. I look forward to getting some shots when she is all decked out with these things. 

Keep you batteries topped off and your tanks empty. See Ya'll down the Road!!!


  1. That is one sweet trailer!

  2. Very, very nice, Frank. Love the originality.

  3. Awesome! I'm so tickled for the Toaster's stewards, they must be ecstatic. Nice work, Frank.

  4. So beautiful! (It looks so familiar, too.)