Thursday, May 10, 2012

Post Modern Cir 1957

Many modernizations took place on this 1957 Caravanner while she was at The Works.

She was a park model, so the only 12 volt was an overhead 1156 bulb that allowed for lighting while plugged into the truck. This was intended for set up purposes only and not task lighting. We put in an entire 12 volt system to control lights, a Fantastic Vent, a water pump and an on demand water heater. A converter and 100 amp hour battery were added also. Off the grid is now no problem.

The original, electric only, Marvel fridge had been replaced by a dorm style electric only fridge. We replaced that with a Dometic gas/ electric unit. The challenge was to make it look as if it was always there. The other challenge was to make it fit in a cabinet too shallow for a standard refrigerator.

We used some salvaged skin from a 1955 Safari that had a panel replaced as the fridge panel and built a cabinet above the new fridge. A nice blend if you ask me.


  1. What a cool idea for the fridge! Your creativity is always inspiring to me. Now if I could only get thru my electrical and re wireing.....