Thursday, May 10, 2012

On Guard

 A bit more work took place on the little 1970 Caravel. Those new wing windows needed a little protection against flying rocks since replacing them involves major surgery and buck riveting.
 We installed a factory rock guard from Airstream. Made in America it was, however the instructions must have been out sourced to China. Not to worry, we are smarter than a rock guard and we got it installed.
 A funny thing we learned while installing the rock guard; the letters spelling out A I R S T R E A M are not level to the front window. The rock guard is level to the letters so it all looks correct, but the letters are on an angle to the horizontal plane of the window. These are hand made vehicles so this is part of the hand made charm.
 All looks good while it is open or closed.
Something that did not look so good was the fitting going into the original gas regulator. The regulator was being replaced, so why not escalate the project just a little more and replace this part too. Five fittings and an hour later it was all fixed.

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