Friday, April 24, 2015

57 Caravanner 7(actually 8) of...

Leak test. Leak test. Leak test. 

And then I had just one final leak. It was the tail light. This leak took a while to start. If I did not have the trailer in a long, soaking rain, then this one might be missed. Water was getting behind the lens.

You can see the water line on the back of the can. The water was running over the top of the socket and out the bottom. It had to build. To solve this issue the three screws securing the can to the trailer had to be removed so the bezel would sit closer to the skin. Trempro 626 helps too.
Leak Test.
Yes, Thats right, it does not leak. Eight hours in a non stop rain. Not a single seep. 

On to the first layer of insulation.

The wire caddy came out. You have no idea how many feet go into one of these trailers. Everything was prewired. Trailer wiring, 110volt, and 12 volt were all run. 

Switching was laid out.

The prewiring must all be thought out. There is no way to fish a wire through the wall once the skin is on.

All wiring comes to a new central point. Like many previous jobs I am using a main distribution box for both voltages.

A second layer of insulation is then installed.

And the interior skins go back in. In this case the first 13 went in...


  1. I'll bet no outsourced (overseas) operation would even try to o this.