Wednesday, April 1, 2015

National Lumber

In my continuing series of the vendors who make my life better, I want to high light National Lumber. In all honesty doing business with National is a no brainer for me. National Lumber is what going to the hardware store used to be like before the big orange box and giant blue rectangle came onto the scene. BTW, I will be attending that Bull Roast on May 7. I would not miss it for anything.

Since 1919 National Lumber has been selling contractors and home owners everything they might need to build or maintain any structure. 20 years ago, place like National were the norm. Then the big box hardware vendors popped up. People forgot about the stores that built their communities and were drawn in by a giant store where everything is easily seen and where the prices appear low. What they gave up however is service, knowledge, and a person who actually wants to keep their job. Most think they are saving money. I don't agree. 

Every time I walk into National, Ryan welcomes me. Ryan runs the retail desk. Something I like about Ryan is he knows his stuff. He is more than willing to help and if he does not know, he will find out and get back to you. He also gets to hang out with the pocket knife case. A real hardware store always has a knife case. A display of every possible hammer is an added bonus.

In the back is the contractor desk. Normally this area is as busy as Command Central in Houston. The phones are ringing like a PBS telethon. Salesman are quickly throwing together orders so that the community can continue to be built. From this desk building materials are being ordered, to be trucked as far as Central Virginia. Something a contractor must have; a good materials supplier. National is one of the best. Not the biggest, but very excellent service and quality materials.

I hear people say that they prefer the orange box because of the selection. I prefer to come here since I will find that weird screw, bolt, or plumbing item I need. If I cannot find it, Ryan will. If he does not have it, he will get it in for me. 

They have signs at the blue rectangle. They don't have this kind of selection.

Uhm, right handed, left handed? Uhm.. I don't know what you mean...

Yeah, we got that profile...

"My man!.. Let me get that for you. I'll be right back"

You need block? Gravel? Bank sand? Pea or crushed gravel?

Doors, windows kerosene? God Bless America and for the sake of your fellow man, BUY AMERICAN!

And miles of lumber on the level.

This is the difference between a big box store and a builders supply. Coming here is a no brainer...

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