Friday, April 3, 2015

Handbuilt (for sure)

As you may have heard, Airstreams are a hand made product. I should say they used to be a more hand made product. The factory now uses computers to cut out and pre drill many of the holes used in assembly. It was not always this way. At one time they were completely assembled by hand. Above you see a 1961 Overlander built at the Ohio factory. Everything looks normal right? I know the indicator lights are weird, they were added by a previous owner. I am asking you to look at the window and it's relation to the segments. 

If I measure from the left edge of the name badge to the center segment I get 3 1/4". So?

But when I measure from the right hand edge of the name badge to the center segment I get 6 3/4". Whoa, wait a second! There is a 2 1/2" difference? Seriously? 

So if I put tape on the edge of the eyebrow and measure to the first segment line I get 7 1/4".

However measuring from the left I get 6 1/8". We don't need no stink in measuring tools! No one will ever notice it! Looks good from my house! 

Oddly in 1961 the boys at the Factory in Ohio were putting out some of the best built Airstreams they had and would manufacture. The quality in this time period is the best it would ever be. The attention to fit and finish was very important. The intersections of panels all over this trailer is virtually perfect. The  back window however was put in just a little off center. It took 54 years for some guy, sitting eating his lunch to notice things are just a little askew.

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  1. Just polish it. The glare will hinder anyone noticing it.