Monday, April 20, 2015

Christian's Tire Service

In my on going series about the people who help me make my business go, I want to introduce you to my tire guy. Located at 5901 Pulaski Highway, Christian's does all my tire work from repairs to mounting. The fact that they are two blocks from my shop makes me very happy. I like to keep it local.

The owner of this small business is actually named Dominic. Dominic is a Korean American and he is one sharp cookie. For a man his age he could work circles around me without breaking a sweat.  His helper who has been with him for about a year now never says a word. He never stops moving either. I learned very quickly that I was not welcome to try and help. He has his job, he does it with great pride, and it is best for me to stay out of the way. I generally just drop off then pick up later. 

I had some rims powder coated then pin stripped. Dominic actually took the time to dismount then remount one of the tires so the heavy side could be out and the balancing weights would all be on the inside. Attention to detail is what one calls that. He knew, with rims looking this good no one would want to see the balancing weights. 

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